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Parallel Events Südtirol/Alto Adige
Performance of melati suryadarmo, alè lino
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
for all accredited professionals, press, sponsors
2 pm—5 pm

Alumix/ex-alumix/next-alumix media event about the future of building: hirsch, müller, otero-pailos, kropf, stangeland
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
for all accredited professionals, press, sponsors
5 pm

Performance of hiwa k. moon calendar
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
for all accredited professionals, press, sponsors
6 pm

Piratbyrån party at ex alumix
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
for all accredited professionals, press, sponsors
10 pm

Performance of hiwa k. moon calendar
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
12.30 pm

Performance of melati suryadarmo and alè lino
ex alumix, bozen/bolzano—via volta, 11
2 pm―5 pm

The miracle metal – memories of aluminium, talk by jeffrey schnapp
ex alumix, bolzano—via volta, 11
5 pm

The pirate as archivist – tools and materials, workshop by jan gerber and sebastian lütgert
ex alumix, bolzano/bozen—via volta, 11
5 pm—7 pm

antonella cattani contemporary art
Via Catinaccio 1/a, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T. 0471-981884 –
Opening hours: tue-fr 10-12.30 am / 4.30 – 7.30 pm and by agreement
MARCO TIRELLI – solo exhibition
17.05. – 04.09.2008
curated by Letizia Ragaglia
Opening: 16.05.2008 (6.30 pm)
Event on the occasion of the exhibition
16.07.2008 (6:30 pm)
The space of the Gallery will be transformed in a contemporary cabinet; like in a magic box, charcoal drawings and tempera paintings will float. Tirelli conceived his project as a selfportrait in which real and mental forms get mixed like it used to happen in the cabinets at the time of Humanism, where among the exhibited objects and the owner, that usually lived this space, occured a sort of transfert.
The geometrical forms of Tirelli are meant as instruments to start, with the use of imagery, an acknowledgement of realty.
06.09. – 31.10.2008
curated by Valerio Dehò
Opening: 05.09.2008 (6:30 pm)
Egger takes pictures of suburbs, of neglected or just changing spaces of european cities. These pictures will be assembled with real building material like ironplates or tubes. Also the space of the Gallery will be, for the occasion, transformed in a building yard.
ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum/Galleria Museo
T. +39 0471 971601
Opening hours: tue-fr 10 am – 1 pm, 3-7 pm; sa 10 am – 1 pm
12.07. – 31.08.2008
with Maria Gamper, Sonia Leimer, Philipp Messner,
Krüger & Pardeller, Leander Schwazer, Karl Unterfrauner
curated by Sabine Gamper
Opening: 11.07.08 (7 pm)
Different artistic positions will be demonstrated, that deal with external, spatial and constructive parameters. This gives rise to questions of the forms and structures that define our organic as well as constructed cultural surroundings.
Which strategies can we use to heighten our perception? Which forms determine our natural and as well as socialised environment? How can we peer behind the curtain of the ordinary? And which processes help us to define internal and external positions and to situate proximity and distance? And what kind of dynamic is set in motion by which forms?
Realistic Landscapes – Space Image Movement in the Sign of Arts Without Borders
24.7.2008, 7 pm
Relation with Franck Hofmann, art critic, Berlin, and presentation of videos by Werner Gasser, artist, Merano/Berlin
How can realism as strategy contribute to a characterization of the landscape after the concept of Nature – in both senses of the word? And on the other hand, what does it mean for our conception of realism if we restructure it in regard to an urbanised and humanized landscape?
virtual aesthetics
25.07.2008, (7 pm)
Discussion and book presentation
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Philipp Messner, Alexandra Weigand, Corinne Diserens
At the centre of this conversation stands the work “Phantom Truck” by Manglano-Ovalle, which was shown at documenta 2007, and Messner’s work “Die Produktion der Konstruktion” which was shown in 2007 at the Gallery Museum in Bolzano.
13.09. – 30.10.2008
with Martina Drechsel, Werner Gasser, Sissa Micheli, Christian Niccoli, Elisabeth Weiss, Letizia Werth
curated by Sabine Gamper
Opening: 12.09.08 (7 pm)
This different artistic situations are dealing with psychic and deeply human parameters. This gives rise to questions regarding the social integration of the individual in the realities of contemporary life.Who are we? How do we move as individuals within a society? What processes make up our daily lives? How do we interact with other members of society? Which conflicts characterise our lives? What allows us to make sense of our surroundings?
Artists’ Association Province of Bolzano
c/o Civic Gallery Bolzano, Piazza Domenicani 25, BOZEN/BOLZANO
M O D U L es
01.07. – 31.08.2008
with 16 artists of the Association
curated by Prof. Mario Cossali, Rovereto
MODULES is a cycle made up of four exhibitions of contemporary art.
1° MODULE: “figure and history”,
opening 02.07.2008, 6 pm
2° MODULE: “the pix of signs”,
opening 17.07.2008, 6 pm
3° MODULO: “places and paths”,
opening 02.08.2008, 6 pm
4° MODULE: “ visionary nature”,
opening: 18.08.2008, 6 pm
BLU CENTER of Josef Dalle Nogare
Via Maso della Pieve 2, BOZEN/BOLZANO
25.05. – 23.09.2008
A boisterous something – Alex Cecchetti
Opening: 24.05.2008 (4 pm)
performance “I Giocatori”, 20.07.2008 (6.:30 pm)
Blu Center is proud to present the solo exhibition, A boisterous something, by Alex Cecchetti, who lives and works in Paris. A boisterous something consists of recent video work and a performance/installation. The works are confronted by an interchange of game with narrative matrix, social reversibility and a certain cue for violence. Also, during the course of the exhibition, viewers will be able to consult the artist’s parasite editorial project “THE UNREADy,” and its latest intrusion into other magazines.
Cabaret Theatre Carambolage
Via Argentieri 19, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T. +39-0471-981790,
“Ben & Gus” free after “The Dump Waiter” from Harold Pinter
A Theaters own production
with Lissy Pernthaler and Monica TretT
stage director: Jean-Marc Esposito
9./10./11./16./17./18./22./23./24./25.10.2008 (8:30 pm)
Two hit-men, Ben and Gus are waiting in a basement room for their assignment. Ben is the senior member of the team and is reading a newspaper when the action begins. Gus asks many questions about their job. Gus leaves the room to get a drink of water in the bathroom, and the dumbwaiter’s speaking tube whistles. Ben listens carefully – we gather from his replies that their victim has arrived and is on his way to the room…
Centro culturale Claudio Trevi
Province of Bolzano, office for italian language and culture,
Via Cappuccini 28, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 300980,
opening hours: mo 2-6.30; tue-wed-fr 10-12.30 am, 2-6.30 pm; thu 10 am-8 pm
The musical gesture
19.06. – 31.07.2008
John Cage, Fred Frith, Meredith Monk, Demetrio Stratos, in ritratto anche Steve Beresford, Anthony Braxton, Franco Battiato, etc.
curated by Claudio Chianura
Opening: 19.06.2008 (7 pm)
Concert by Stefano Scodanibbio, contrabbass
A new iniziative dedicated to the music scene, experimentation and research in the present time and dedicated to the contamination of music generes, edited by the Cultural Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol. A photo and video exhibition concerning the musical documentary, an anthological CD, a booklet: music, videos, photos.
Elektronika – Biennium for Music and New Tecnologies
Academy of Music “C. Monteverdi” Bolzano and AntiSonic
T. +39 0471 978764
“Klangwege”, concert for Instruments and Live Electronics,
with Miriam Akkermann, flute, Nicola Baroni, cello, Carlo Benzi, piano, Bruno Demetz, saxophon, Harald Ebnicher and Thomas Winkler, percussions, Marco Giuliani, piano, Michael Lantschner, trumpet, Barbara Schindler, harp, Emanuele Zottino, piano.
09.09.2008, 8.30 pm
Galleria Civica, Piazza Domenicani 19, BOZEN/BOLZANO
11.09.2008, 6 pm
Aula Magna of the Free University of Bolzano, Via Sernesi 1, BOZEN/BOLZANO
“Music for instruments and computer”– In collaboration with the Faculty of Informatics
12.09.2008, 8:30 pm
kunst Meran/o arte, Sala Cassa di Risparmio, MERAN/MERANO
In collaboration with Conductus and kunst Meran/o arte
22.09.2008, 11 am
Aula Magna of the Scientifico Gymnasium “Torricelli”, Via Rovigo, BOZEN/BOLZANO
21.10.2008, 8:30 pm
Centro Giovanile Culturale UFO BRUNECK/BRUNICO
The project “Klangwege” of the group AntiSonic, composition and improvisation, tries to explore and to change through the electronic the timbre of some acoustic instruments, sometimes through live electronics, sometimes with sound synthesis. Through music gestures and articulations, that the components of the group have decided before, AntiSonic proposes improvisations and more structured compositions.
EURAC – European Academy Bolzano
Viale Druso 1, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 055031
Opening hours: mo-fr 2-6 pm
MUSEION at the EURAC tower
10.07. – 26.09. / 23.10. – 12.12.2008
with Brave New Alps, Jacopo Candotti, Hans HS Winkler
curated by Annelie Bortolotti, Letizia Ragaglia
10.07.2008 (18:30)
Jacopo Candotti with the Institute of Genetic Medicine
23.10.2008 (18:30)
Hans Winkler with the Institute for the Mummies and the Iceman
This year the co-operation project “MUSEION at the EURAC tower”, between the research centre of BOZEN/BOLZANO – EURAC – and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of BOZEN/BOLZANO – MUSEION -, consists of three exhibitions with local and international artists. The topics of 2008 are: mobility, genetics and mummies. The goal is to create a new way of understanding science and art.
Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen/Bolzano
via Sernesi 1, BOZEN/BOLZANO
opening hours: mon-sun, 10-6 pm
T +39 0471 015000
16.07. – 21.09.2008
Opening: July 15, 2008, (6 pm)
Vladimir Archipov meets Bolzano
This exhibition consists of a selection of photos from Vladimir Archipov’s extensive collection.
In a workshop with Archipov and Kuno Prey the students will re-construct the objects and create new artefacts.
Alles in Butter, exhibition of Design
You should not play with your food! Or should you?
We each have our very own eating habits. By living in a community, we have, in the main, adapted ourselves to certain standards and rules that we call gastronomic culture, or more simply our eating habits. Students of the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, supervised by designer and lecturer Steffen Kaz, will be discussing the topic of eating and drinking, linked to our habits and standards, in order to analyse and unravel them in their work in an expert manner.
This is an exhibition of photographs on the topic of archives that have been produced in a workshop with Paolo Riolzi, photographer and lecturer at the faculty, together with a group of students. Words, pictures and sounds shape our archives and memory. By a process of cross-breeding, texts and pictures increase the opportunity of access to all kinds of information and make it difficult for us to determine the places where traces of our past and present have been recorded. Books, CDs, mobile phones, the Internet, films, sensors, cassettes, and video cameras record and store this history.
Festival Bolzano Danza – 24. International festival of dance and performance
09.07. – 31.07.2008
Teatro Comunale, Piazza Verdi 40, BOZEN/BOLZANO
Tickets: + 39 0471 304 130 email:
20.07.2008 (21:30)
c/o MMM Firmian
Via Castel Firmiano 53, BOZEN/BOLZANO
Coreography: Hofesh Shechter Dance Company
Cult was commissioned by The Place Prize 2004, where it went on to win the ‘Audience award’ prize. An implosive, electric piece that combines virtuose physicality with aesthetic finesse. Fragments is Shechter’s debut work, an elegant duet that flows between delicate and intense moments. The evening also includes Uprising, described as “pure pleasure”. Seven men emerge from the shadows to bombard the stage with their edgy energy, bonding and sparring, making up and falling out. A highly charged short work with a propulsive, percussive score, Uprising leaves audiences buzzing.
Galerie foto-forum
Via Weggenstein 2, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T/F +39 0471 982159
Opening hours: tue-fr 3.7 pm, sa 10-12.30 am, from mid of June to mid of September: thu-fr 3-7 pm
With the project trip we want to invite the visitors of Manifesta 7 to take a photo on their ways around the locations of manifesta 7 (e.g. from one location to the other or from one location at the hotel) and to send
them to foto-forum. There they will be exhibited day-to-day.
The photos can be sent as prints by snail mail or as digital-pics by e-mail, the format should be jpeg, the resolution 300 dpi and the size about 20×30 cm (about 7,9×11,8 in).
Every person can send max. 3 photos.
Galleria Goethe
Via della Mostra 1, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 975461
Opening hours: mo-fr 10-12.30 am, 3.30-7.30 pm, sa 10-12.30 am
Robert Pan – solo show
25.09. – 25.10.2008
Opening: 25.09.2008 (6 pm)
Robert Pan’s works find their expressive form through the light, the transparency and above all the colours. His works are born out of a complex proceeding of additions. The paintings are made up of various layers of resin, comprising different pigments of colour, that melt to a chromatic whole through a careful work of finishing. The manifold stratifications of coloured resin give rise to a shining whole, to enormously intense paintings, like visual fireworks that remind of the power of life, the strength and the cosmic energy.
Galleria Goethe2
Via Cappuccini 26, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 323938
Opening hours: mo-fr 3:00-7:00 pm, sa 10-12.30 am, forenoon by agreement
21.06. – 25.07.2008
Respira – Daniela Chinellato
Performance: 16.07.2008 (7:45 pm)
RESPIRA (Breathing) is born from “crash test”, a performance that took place at the gallery in 2007, consisting of the creation of a great clay head and then its necessary violent destruction.
The present exhibition consists of a kind of archaeological dig where on the floor the broken clay pieces form the word RESPIRA. With time the word undergoes changes made by both the public that can buy the pieces and the performance featuring the collaboration of the students of the Bolzano Artistic High School who will intervene in this “dig” and transform it into something else.
Lost and found – Hubert Kostner
Opening: 19.09.2008 (7 pm)
In his mostly small sculptures and paintings, Hubert Kostner proceeds from the landscapes of his immediate environment and deviates from them in many different ways. The artist often takes photographs of found pieces of wood and combines them with en miniature architectonic elements to give the impression of mountain scenes with a hotel or a belvedere. Only a second glance reveals contrasts and ruptures. This ironic dimension may then induce the spectator o indulge in a critical dilemma.
Municipality of San Genesio and „Local to local“
Taberhof at Flaas – Jenesien / San Genesio
opening hours: 16 July to 31 August, thu-so 12 am-6 pm
16.07. – 31.08.2008
Intercultural exhibition project
with Andreas Geisselhardt, Gabriela Oberkofler, Hyun Hee Im, Ilke Yilmaz, Jang-Young Jung, Kestutis Svirnelis, Markus Ambach, Michael Zinganel/Michael Hieslmair, Rainer Ganahl, Siggi Hofer, Stefan Rohrer
Opening: 16.07.2008 (7 pm) with the with the folkloristic Flaas Band, „Die Gamsigen“ and Karaoke Alpin
20.07.2008- guided walk „Local- Global- from the city to the countryside“ with Markus Ambach
meeting point at 11 am, valley station of the funicolaire S.Genesio (please wear walking shoes!)
5 pm Buffet, 6 pm Christa Romen reads Norbert C. Kaser, 7 pm Karaoke Alpin
An authentically preserved farm is going to be transformed into a temporary Institution of Contemporary Art. Site-specific works reflecting local relationships between the home area, tourism and the current trend towards economic globalisation will be created through direct dialogue with regional players and the local environment.
KUNST Merano arte & Arnold Dall’O
Money eat soul
18.07.2008, 8 pm
Performance by Arnold Dall’O at Prati del Talvera – Bolzano
Money eat soul. It explains the value of money. Money that defines the value of the person. Money that decides the politic and the social statue. Money that develops the government and makes the government’s critics dumb. Money that decides our everyday life, money made of metal and that can not calm any hunger.
Lungomare Gallery
Via Rafenstein 12, BOZEN/BOLZANO
16.05. – 01.08.2008
with Denise Bonapace, Luisa Lorenza Corna, fabrics interseason, Sophie Kier, Max Lamb, Julia Lohmann & Gero Grundmann
curated by Angelika Burtscher & Daniele Lupo
Opening: 16.05.2008 (7 pm)
The project “translating tradition” looks at the customs and traditions of the South Tyrol region. These are taken as the point of departure for investigating tradition as a vehicle for nonverbal communication tied to the here and now. “translating tradition” reflects on the customs and traditions of South Tyrol through a variety of creative forms of expression and positions, analyzes the symbolism and handing down of certain signs, and interprets them anew. South Tyrol with its unique history is the springboard for the project, international designers are its “interpreters,” casting their gaze from the outside onto the societal and social connections colouring the history of this region.
Story settings in Bolzano public space
17.07. – 13.10.2008
with: Alexander Egger, Kasia Korczak / Slavs & Tatars,
Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters, Manuel Raeder
curated by Angelika Burtscher
Opening: 16.05.2008 (19:00)
The exhibition project place it invite graphic designers to reflect on context related geopolitical and socio cultural issues of the city of Bolzano through four graphic art interventions in the public space. Place it makes use of instruments of visual communication and will transform vertical wall surfaces in the city into exhibition venues in order to creatively explore the history, present state and future prospects of Bolzano in the public space. Place it aims in addition to draw attention to the relevance and the impact of visual communication in our contemporary culture, connects the socio political relevance of graphic design with its fundamental functions, and at the same time experiments with its power to express and visualize themes relevant to the geopolitical and socio cultural concerns of a city.
20.07. – 09.08.2008
with Amy Plant, Committee for Radical Diplomacy, Hiwa K, UNWETTER
guests Alessio Antoniolli, Franco La Cecla
in collaboration with Donne Nissà, Fondazione Langer, Giant-Bi,
Latinoamerica y su gente, Mosaik, Porte Aperte, Volontarius
organized by Paolo Plotegher with Lungomare
Summer Drafts is a series of workshops and events guided by international artists and theorists that, in collaboration with intercultural associations of Bolzano, develop organizational and participative formats. Common thread of the meetings is the constitution of informal spaces of aggregation: using a creative approach developed through non-representational art practices, Summer Drafts experiments forms of sociality which operates transversally to the different cultural identities of a specific territory.
11., 12., 13.09.2008
Three days of performance at Lungomare Gallery: Performance, workshops, lectures
with Ana Borraho & João Galante, Yingmei Duan, Luigi Coppola & Loss Group
The performance weekend at the Lungomare Gallery proposes territories of observation and analysis of the contemporary performing language. “Participants, connected and in dependent” presents performances which have the shared interest in working on the “aesthetics of relations” and on audience participation, at times subtle and ironic, at times explicit and provocative. During the three days there will also be a meeting gathering experts, critics and artists to discuss and present different approaches to the performing arts and a training workshop led by Yingmei Duan and Luigi Coppola, aimed at the realization of a performance which will be presented as the closing event.
Peripheral Vision and collective Body
24. 05. – 21. 09. 2008
‘Peripheral vision and collective body’ discusses the question of the collective bodies in contemporary visual art considering the tight relationship with architecture and performance (dance in particular). Looking at how recent artistic proposals have been informed by the American avant-gardes from the post WW II period which themselves had activated some experimentation from the German, Polish and Russian milieu of the early XX Century.
The exhibition will bring together a selection of works, including film, performance, documents and texts from Meyerhold to contemporary art, which will explore the creation and the use of ‘the collective body’ as a critical strategy to question the legacy of our recent history.
Museion at Filmclub
Via Streiter 8, BOZEN/BOLZANO
11.09.08 program with Deimantas Narkevicius
18.09.08 projection of the film Antônio Das Mortes. O dragão da maldade contra o santo guerreiro (1969), director: Glauber Rocha
19.09.08 projection of the films Aus dem Osten (1993), Süden (1999), Jenseits von Sonora – Mexiko (2003), director: Chantal Ackermann
Matti Braun – ÖZURFA
04. 10. – 07. 12. 2008
Atelier Museion
Opening: 03.10.2008
Sanliurfa, i.e. Urfa, a town in the South-east of Anatolia, is the central theme of the artist Matti Braun’s installation (Berlin, 1968, lives and works in Cologne). Some archeologists consider Sanliurfa the cradle of civilization: Muslims and Jews venerate it as a holy city in which reputedly Abraham was born. The ‘Özurfa’ exhibition is dedicated to the sceneries and people connected to these myths without wanting to verify facts or create casual connections. The exhibition is organized by the Ludwig Museum of Köln in collaboration with Museion.
11. 10. 2008 – 04. 01. 2009
Curated by Roland Groenenboom
Opening: 10.10.2008
The show focuses on the multidisciplinary activities of the groundbreaking experimental band Sonic Youth since its formation in 1981. It features the band’s collaborations with visual artists, filmmakers, designers and musicians, as well as a choice of other works selected by the band.
Piccolo Museion
Via Sassari 17/25, BOZEN/BOLZANO
Piccolo Museion is a joint collaboration between Museion and the Office for Italian Culture of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano South Tyrol.
16.06. – 20.09.08 Alexander Schellow – out take: Bozen | Bolzano (Cubo)
02.10. – 07.12.08 Jim Lambie – Leatherette
associazione culturale neon
yellow posters measuring 70×100 cm with sentences written by 32 artists
with Mario Airò, Massimo Bartolini, Gianfranco Baruchello, Elisabetta Benassi, Luca Bertolo, Pino Boresta, Anna Valeria Borsari, Gea Casolaro, Annalisa Cattani, CuoghiCorsello, Emilio Fantin, Michael Fliri, Alberto Garutti, The Grossi Maglioni Magic Duo, Domenico Mangano, Amedeo Martegani, Fabio Mauri, Marzia Migliora, Mocellin/Pellegrini, Liliana Moro, Maurizio Nannucci, Giancarlo Norese, Paolo Parisi, Alessandro Piangiamore, Cesare Pietroiusti, Alfredo Pirri, Mili Romano, Adriana Torregrossa, Cesare Viel, Luca Vitone, Alberto Zanazzo, Zimmerfrei.
curated by Daria Filardo, Cecilia Guida, Gino Gianuizzi
Words in place of images, diffused in public advertising spaces where they find themselves coexisting with the plethora of messages (advertising/informative, etc) that invade the visual horizon of the city. The intent is to distract the reader from his or her habitual urban landscape, structured as conceptual in its spatial organization. The purpose is to provoke an interruption, capture one’s attention, and divert the normal course of one’s perception of the everyday, introducing a creative and active environment.
Südtiroler Künstlerbund – Galerie Prisma
Via Weggenstein 12, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 977037,
23.06. – 29.08.2008
project by Hubert Kostner.
The 160 m² exhibition space of the Galerie Prisma will become a suite for guests.
curated by Lisa Trockner
The artist Hubert Kostner has designed an art project specifically for the Manifesta-Tourism: the 160 m² exhibition area of the Galerie Prisma will become a suite for guests. Art tourists can book the suite, whose interior decoration will be designed and constructed by the artist, like a hotel room. It is an experiment in the interaction between art and patron, exhibition space and overnight accommodation, in which the art consumer is not just an observer, but also becomes an art product himself.
SYMBIOSIS – sculpture exhibition
07.07. – 31.10.2008
c/o Chamber of Commerce, Via Alto Adige 60, BOZEN/BOLZANO
curated by Helga von Aufschnaiter, Markus Gasser
Opening: 04.07.2008 (6 pm)
Contemporary art has found a temporary home in the new Chamber of Commerce HQ in Bolzano, a purist architectural skin in metal and glass: consciously positioned objects by regional artists occupy the generously-proportioned empty spaces. Thanks to this parasitic manner of staging the art the discrete interior decoration of the building envelope is interrupted, while compressed materiality and circumscribed vacant spaces are exposed to a new interrelationship.
Transart 08
Festival of contemporary culture
T +39 0471 673070
OFFICINE FS Bolzano (8.30 pm)
Con Christian Fennesz . Otomo Yoshihide . Eva Reiter. Trio d’archi del Klangforum Wien > Nanook, of the North
TEATRO COMUNALE Bolzano (8.30 pm)
with Jèrôme Bel > The show must go on!
10.09 MUSIC
OFFICINE FS Bolzano (8.30 pm)
with Steve Reich . Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie
14.09 MUSIC + ART
NIEDERSTÄTTER Steg (8.30 pm)
with Daniel Schnyder & solisti dei Berliner Philharmoniker > Around the world
MUSEION Bolzano (6 pm)
with Xavier Le Roy > Self Unfinished
18.09 MUSIC
with Quatuor Diotima & Minguet Quartett > 4 & 4 = 8 | Quartett & Quartett = Oktett
19.09 MUSIC + FOOD
ALUPRESS Bressanone (8.30 pm)
with Mauricio Kagel . Ensemble Modern
BETONEISACK Chiusa (11 pm)
with Pan Sonic & AGF/Delay
OFFICINE FS Bolzano (8.30 pm)
with Xavier Le Roy > Le sacre du printemps
21.09 MUSIC
MART Rovereto (6 and 7 pm)
with Ensemble Contrechamps . Rebecca Saunders . CHROMA XI > IE | PI
Manifattura Tabacchi Rovereto (11 pm)
27.09 MUSIC + FOOD
MUSEION Bolzano (5 pm)
with Baldur Brönnimann . Klangforum Wien
Symposion . 7 hours of wine and music
Sonic Youth – in concert Bolzano (8.30 pm)
VBB – Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen
Teatro Comunale Bolzano, Piazza Verdi 40, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T. 0471/327930,
“Der tollste Tag”, comedy by Peter Turrini
26.09.08 – 12.10.08
Directed by: Nina C. Gabriel,
Set designer: Andreas Lungenschmid,
Costumes by: Cordula Stummeyer.
with Florian Adamski, Gerti Drassl, Peter Drassl, Marie-Therese-Futterknecht, Peter Hladik, Hermann Kogler, Josef M. Lanz, Sami Loris, Inge Maux, Markus Oberrauch, Andreas Opal Robatscher, Erwin Windegger.
Storyboard by: Ina Tartler
Opening: 26.09.2008 (8 pm)
The love-struck Count Almaviva ardently desires Susanne, the maid, who is about to marry a servant. The aim consists in managing to stop the dissolute count from achieving his goal using an astute plot in a succession of comic events. “Der tollste Tag”, written by the provocative Austrian playwright Peter Turrini, is the tragicomic revision of Beaumarchais’ “The Marriage of Figaro”. In this lively comedy, Peter Turrini reveals, through his unique and brilliant language, the action of the mechanisms of power within social and political life.
“Das Jahr magischen Denkens”, by Joan Didion
18.10.08 – 02.11.08 2008
Directed by: Carsten Bodinus,
Set designer: Nicolaus-Johannes Heyse,
Interpreted by: Cornelia Heyse
Storyboard by: Ina Tartler
Opening: 18.10.2008 (8 pm)
In “The year of magical thinking” the US writer Joan Didion, who has often dealt with social criticism, meditates on two unexpected turns of fate, by reprocessing in a very personal and yet objective and detached manner the death of two loved ones. The piece, written in 2005 as a biographical novel and later adapted for theatre in 2007, is a touching and at the same time philosophical narration about the power of love and the disruptive nature of death.
ZeLIG school for documentary, Tevision and new media
via Brennero 20/d, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 977930
20 Years of ZeLIG / 1988 – 2008, A Grand Celebration
19.09 – 20.09 2008
with Andreas Pichler, Valerio Moser, Peter Kreuz, Silvana Zancolò,
Nina Mair, Miriam Pucitta, Nicole Scherg, Stefano Bernardi, Daniela
Knapp, Vincenzo Mancuso.
At Filmclub Bolzano – Ze-LIG – FAS Filmassociation Bolzano
- Castel Roncolo/Schloss Runkelstein – Jugendzentrum/Centro Giovanile UFO Brunico – kunst Meran/o arte – Jugendzentrum/Centro Giovanile Bressanone – Circolo Ortisei
In 1988 a small group of filmmakers founded ZeLIG Film School, giving life to the school’s first 6-month course in Tevision engineering and broadcasting for 25 students. Today, 20 years later, the ZeLIG School for Documentary, Tevision and New Media is one of Europe’s most celebrated schools in the documentary sector, and is attended by students from all over the world. We’ll be celebrating 20 years of dedication and success on September 19-20, 2008.
42 lightcafè & restaurant
via Orazio 42, BOZEN/BOLZANO
T +39 0471 400641
from 26 June 2008
The painting design of the facade of the new 42 Light Cafe e Restaurant, located in Bolzano Oraziostreet, was conceived by artist Esther Stocker. The pattern she used is based on geometrical signs which underline the chromatic balance between black and white, as usual in the artist’s works. 42 Light Cafe e Restaurant will be part of the art-events and round-tables related to the Manifesta Biennial 2008.
Galerie GefängnisLeCarceri
opening hours: tue-sa 5-9 pm
We all hang together
11.07. – 16.08.2008
Josef Rainer and Wolfgang Stehle
Opening: 10.07.2008 (7 pm)
The artworks of Josef Rainer (photography and sculpture) and Wolfgang Stehle (video and installations) interact symbiotically, reinforcing each other, and picking up the thread of eachanother’s storyline. Developed independently of each other, the artwork seems at times to fill the convuted rooms of the gallery, at other times shrinking. They play with the room, trying to escare, before retreating – almost ashamedly – into a corner.
05.09.08 – 11.10.08
Sergio Sommavilla and Günther Kempf
Opening: 04.09.08 (19:00)
Sergio Sommavilla works out faces in minimal art from stoan, bronze, terracotta and wood. Their all mutuality is a stoical expression
The portrait drawings and the pictures from Günther Kempf are showing us faces, which are painted in part by strong colours.
association of art & culture CASA DELLA PESA BOLZANO
T. 0471 974958
Presentation of VIDEOART
curated by prof. Eugenio Giannì and Nicola Frangione
08.08.2008 (8 pm) c/o trainstation AUR-ORA in ORA/AUER
(9 pm) LA VOCE IN MOVIMENTO, performance of video-sound poetry
opening hour: 9./15./16.08.2008, (9-12 pm)
29.08.2008 (8 pm) c/o Garden Village in S.Giacomo LAIVES/LEIFERS
opening hours: 01.-05.09.2008 (17.00-20:00)
Presentation of the exhibition
Curated by prof. Eugenio Giannì
09.08.2008 (7:30 pm) c/o Garden Village in S.Giacomo LAIVES/LEIFERS
opening hours: 09.-16.08.2008 (5-8 pm)
22.08.2008 c/o trainstation AUR-ORA in ORA/AUER
opening hours: 22./23./24. e 29./30./31.08.2008 (5-9 pm)
Kunstforum Unterland
T +39 0471 826410
Opening hours: open from September, tue-sa 10-12 am, 4.30-6.30 pm
Arnold Holzknecht (wood reliefs)
06.09. – 20.09.2008
curated by Brigitte Matthias
Opening: 06.09.2008 (8 pm)
Gerlind Zeilner (three dimensional drawings)
25.10. – 08.11.2008
curated by Brigitte Matthias
Opening: 25.10.2008 (8 pm)
The Kunstforum Unterland provides space for contemporary art and will be a place for the event of the Meeting. There are shown both, domestic as well as outside South Tyrol borders upcoming art.
Thus, the gallery is grown to a fixture in the local art scene and has become a meeting point for artists and interested, it is a managed network, which works back through communication and the exploration of the artistic content on objectives and issues of the gallery.
Conductus association
Il Libro Bianco della musica contemporanea in Italia
16.10.2008 (6 pm)
c/o kunst Meran/o arte, Sparkassensaal, via Portici 163, MERAN/MERANO
Presentation of the Libro Bianco on the transmission of contemporary music in Italy, curated by RITMO & CEMAT, published by CEMAT. It is the first detailed publication about groups composing and performing throughout the national territory.
Casa della Cultura, MERAN/MERANO
16.10.2008 (8:30 pm)
new music for strings
ensemble conductus
Marcello Fera: director
compositions by Marcello Fera, Sirio Restani, Stefano Taglietti, Osvaldo Coluccino, Jürgen Grözinger
The Conductus Ensemble has been trying for years to achieve a new understanding of string music. Under the direction of Marcello Fera, and through his own compositions, it has developed a repertoire that cuts across different genres in a distinct and highly personal manner. The style examines, in strict dialectic, both past history and the present. With the Maninarco project the Conductus offers a synthesis of the new compositions for strings.
Erwin Seppi Gallery
Via Portici 75, MERAN/MERANO
T +39 339 5204025
Opening hours: tue-fr 4-8 pm; sa 10 am-1 pm
Dream Diary – Metamorphoses
06.09.2008 – 4.10.2008
with Elettra Ranno
curated by Fabrizio Boggiano
Opening: 05.09.2008, 7 pm
A game that takes place in the dark, in silence. A breeze, hardly noticeable, catches fragments of light and freezes them onto the emulsion, forever. This, and much more too, is what comprises the photographic work of Elettra Rannos – an artist who uses this medium to create a unique and personal dream diary, and one that is latent with metamorphoses.
The Secrets of Geometry
11.10.2008 – 08.11.2008
with Barbara Deutschmann
Opening: 10.10.2008, (7 pm)
At first glance, the viewer sees constructivist pieces of concrete and natural stone: simple geometric shapes. Yet, upon closer observation, smooth casting surfaces appear within the rough materials. The varying depths and the different densities of the paraffin used create space and a surprising three-dimensional illusion. The dialogue that results from the combination of contrasting materials is not a provocative one; rather it is one of intimacy.
T +39 333 366 8983
Nonmifido.Bunker. Ein Refugium von Matthias Schönweger, Torsten Schilling und Heinrich Schwazer
August 17-23-24-31 and September 6-7, 2008
Theater/Performance/Radio play/Installation in a bunker at Töll near Meran
curated by Torsten Schilling
Premiere: August 17, 2008 (Bolzano)
In “Nonmifdo. Bunker” the audience is travelling physically on the train from Bozen to a bunker at Töll while following the performance travelling through the South Tyrolean history. The collage of play, radio play, scenically installation, folk festival, museum guide, exercise of civil defense and artistic performance, however pursues a higher mission: the selling of military coverage as future dwelling place…
“Forever Young oder Die Einsamkeit der Sterbenden “
Theater Project
Art director: Torsten Schilling, Choreograpy: Veronika Riz, Stage and costume design: Zita Pichler
Musical director: Michael Lösch, Dramaturgical consulting: Christine Vescoli, Prof. Dr. Johann Holzner, Heinrich Schwazer, Joseph Zoderer
In cooperation with: LITERATUR LANA, Brenner-Archiv of the University of Innsbruck, T.E.M.A. Bolzano
Information available at T. +39 333 366 8983
Premiere: September 20, 2008 (Meran 8:30 p.m.)
In our getting older society the project “Forever Young oder Die Einsamkeit der Sterbenden” (“Forever Young or The loneliness of dying”) wants to show the necessities, the anxieties, the memories, the hope and joy of old people. The theater project of the performance network FABRIK AZZURRO, an association that initiates genre overlapping projects aside from traditional cultural institutions, is about elderly people, with elderly people and for all people.
kunst Meran/o arte
Portici 163, MERAN/MERANO
T +39 0473 212643
Opening hours: tue-so 10 am – 6 pm
Maik & Dirk Löbbert – insideout
17.07. – 21.09.2008
curated by Valerio Dehò
Opening: 17.07.2008, 8 pm
Discovering the special in the ordinary – this approach has been characterizing the extensive and complex works of Maik and Dirk Löbbert for roughly 25 years. With their place-specific interventions, they always react to the formal conditions of the respective exhibition site and its contents. For Merano arte, Maik and Dirk Löbbert will develop a multi-part, space-related work that abolishes the borders between art and reality, autonomous and space-related art, painting and sculpture.
The Eye of Meret Oppenheim
04.10.2008 – 04.01.2009
curated by Valerio Dehò
04.10.2008 AMACI. day of open doors, giornata del contemporaneo
The Meret Oppenheim exhibition is a retrospective overview of important parts of her work that was always marked by the quest for personal identity and evades attempts at classification or appropriation. Born in Germany (Berlin, 1913), she began working as an artist in the Paris of the thirties among the Surrealists. Together with Kunstmuseum Bern and a number of private Swiss collectors, Kunst Meran will show a cross-section of the creative work of Meret Oppenheim. Portraits of the artist by Man Ray from the Marconi Foundation (Milan) will be added to the exhibition.
kunst Meran/o arte e
defined 08
Temporary Gallery
26.07. – 26.08.08
c/o barracks MERAN Untermais/MERANO Maia Bassa
Opening: 08.08.2008, (7 pm)
artistic and cultural festival which took place in 2004 and 2006 in Meran, will take place also this summer. The aim consists in the creation of a platform where the young scene and in particular the regional one, presents its works and allows the creation of new connections and communications.
Lana Art
Registration at: T/F +39 0473 565349, +39 334 1719091
Sculpture picnic
Guided walk with Erika Inger and Wolfgang Wohlfahrt – sculpture path Lana
20.09.2008 (11 am – 4 pm)
04.10.2008 (11 am – 4 pm)
The 8 kilometres long sculpture path brings one, who is carefully going in touch with the different social and ecological environments of the region, as well as with contemporary artistic positions.
Start: 11.00 am, Lana, golf course, Brandiswaalweg. Walking time: 4 hours.
Admission is free. The two events will take place in all weathers.
Literatur Lana – Verein der Bücherwürmer
Piazza Hofmann 2, LANA
Archaeology of Fantasy
26.08. – 30.08.2008, (9-12 am and 2.30-3.30 pm, lectures: 8.30 pm)
curated by Christine Vescoli and Elmar Locher
with Giorgio Agamben, Oswald Egger, Michael Donhauser, Hans Jürgen Scheuer, Marcel Beyer, Fabio Pusterla, Bandini ecc.
The Kulturtage Lana 08 festival revolves around the conceptual fields and ideas of memoria and imagination in word and picture, acting them out in various ways: in scientific theory, poetic literature, musical performances, and artistic representations.
Castle Tyrol – South Tyrolean Museum of History
Schlossweg 24, DORF TIROL/TIROLO
T +39 0473 220221
“Laurenz Stockner: Bowl as artistic object”
13.09. – 30.11.2008
curated by Paula Mair
Opening: 13.09.2008
Laurenz Stockner is an artist/blacksmith. Inspirations for his artistical works he found in Florence at the school for goldsmiths “le Arti Orafe”, then when working with the goldsmith Manfred Bischoff and at the summer academy for art in Salzburg. His first success was winning the first prize at “Internova, International South Tyrolean handicraft”. In 2007 he won the “Bayerische Staatspreis” at Munich with his couldrons made from copper.
Dance Festival ALPS MOVE
01.10 – 18.10.2008
Südtiroler Theaterverband
T+39 0471 974272
with Simone Willeit, Evelin Stadler, Vera Clement, Martina Marini, Franz Weger, Tullia Pedrotti, Doris Plankl, Iosu Lezameta, Christine Bauhofer, Muspilli etc.)
Art director: Doris Plankl
Organisation: Valeria Told
Stadttheater/Teatro Comunale Merano, Kulturhaus Karl Schönherr Silando, Forum Bressanone, Waltherhaus Bolzano
13.09.2008 PreOpening at Schloss Tirol
01.10.2008 Opening of the Festival at Stadttheater Merano, 8:30 pm
evening performances 8.30 pm
students performances 11 am
The dance festival Alps Move started when some regional dancers joined together to found the “Südtiroler Tanzkooperative”. Aim of the initiative is to establish a lively and varied regional dance scene. Therefore southtyrolean dancers living here but also joining us from all around the world are invited to present their contemporary dance operas on our stages. With “Jugend tanzt – Young dance” also to young people is given the possibility to enter the stage.
Die Rossschaukel – cultural association
Stilfser Brücke 23a, STILFS/STELVIO
T +39 349 6187930
every thursday, friday, saturday 2-5 pm till 30 August
Eye-branch – THESCYFE
Art in the mountains 23a South-Tyrol
18.07. – 31.08.2008
with Tslila Gelander, performance of dance from Israel – Christian Malin, actor from Vienna – Lisl Saltuari, abstract painting, Bozen – Hubert Scheibe, painter from South Tyrol /Reschen – Silvia Morandi, dance pedagogy, Bozen – Roman Moser, sculpture, Stilfser Brücke – Daniel Oberegger, music composer, Bozen – Marlis Richter, painting, Köln – Bärbel Hoffmann, literature, design, Köln – choir of children from Ucraina – Guido Moser, encounter and counceling, Stilfser Brücke – Hans Joachim Hohensinn, abstract painting, Vienna – Volker Oberegger, philosopher, Bozen – Trude Saltuari, portrait-painting, Bozen
Opening: 19.07.2008, 5pm
Opening hours of the exhibition:
Literature never ceases to fight for it’s own messages in live, existence, art, theatre and music. The artstructures on the slope give the energy to the literaric experiments, which happen between the artists and the visitors. The 9 rooms of exhibition in the house revitalize the processes of the last 15 years Rossschaukel: Catalogues, videos, pictures.
26.08 – 30.08.2008
c/o Pfeiferhaus Stelvio
opening hours: mo-so 2-5 pm
curated by Benedikta J. Kier and Reinhold Tappeiner
with Benedikta J. Kier, Jeannette Lampacher, Selenia Arrigo, Reinhold Tappeiner, Stefan Fabi, Davide Balossi, Paolo Ren, Elia Marzetta, Matteo Schiavo
Opening: 26.08.2008, 2 pm
Finissage 30.08.2008, 2 pm
In the lawns near Stilfs it will be build an “Open-Installation”. In five days the group explores solutions in regard of the theme. The spectators and the residents are invited to give their personal opinion, the output will be exposed in the “Pfeifer” house. The last part of the project will be a tour with people around the worked places where a reader will read texts concerned the theme.
Culture and Musicfestival, Dreiländereck I/CH/A Where Italy, Austria, and Switzerland meet
arcus raetiae, MALS/MALLES
T. 0473 830720,
World of Valleys, Men and Music
20. – 26.07. 2008
musicians and artists from many different countries
curated by Konrad Meßner
Opening: 20.07.2008 (6 pm)
„Das gestohlene Morgenrot“, concert in the premise of the train station in Malles
“Nature Heals” is the subject of XONG 2008. The obviousness of an “intact” natural landscape makes it difficult for us to experience its qualities and to actively make use of them. By means of distance, irritation, and vision, the festival hopes to initiate a dialogue in which not only the mind, but also the soul and the spirit are inspired. The festival will provide the stage on which nature and its healing powers can be portrayed, reflected, and developed on different levels, in a variety of roles, in exciting scenes.
XONG 2008 offers: culture hikes, farm festivals, concerts, music in inns, celebrations in retirement homes, children’s workshops, and music workshops.
Circolo artistico e culturale Ortisei
opening hours: everyday from 10-12 am, 4-7 pm, 8-10 pm
15.08. – 14.09.2008
exhibition with Gerald Demetz, Diego Perathoner, Sara Welponer
curated by Sara Welponer
Opening: 14.08.2008 (8:30 pm)
opening hours: everyday from 10-12 am, 4-7 pm, 8-10 pm
The room installation is made up of a wooden platform, on which bathtubes of different size and form are placed on two levels. The bathtubes are supported by a framework and made of fibreglass by the own artists. Some tubes have traces and pieces of human bodies, shadows that are exposed directly on the fibreglass with fotography techniques (or on texture inserted in the fibreglass).
A hydraulic system of pumps and pipes links the various bathtubes in order that the water can cyclically fill and empty them.
School of Arts “CADEMIA”
Installation on the façade of the building
T + Fax 0471 79 62 40
19.07. – 31.10.2008
5th class of the graphic course
curated by Prof. Sara Welponer
On the façade of the school are fixed 12 butterflies in different dimensions, elaborated by the students.
Associazione Turistica Ortisei, Comune di Ortisei
T +39 0471 796328
Evolution of mankind
Sculpture exhibition
Pedestrian area – St. Ulrich/ Ortisei
with Aron Demetz, Lois Anvidalfarei, Thaddäus Salcher, Markus Delago, Isabell Pitscheider
curated by Danila Serafini
21.07. – 10.10.2008
The artists from the Ladino Valleys, Gardena and Badia, will be presenting works of art in which it is obvious the presence of atavism between man and the mountain. In fact, these works of art, determined in a diversity of languages, reveal the physical substance of their native land. These artists recognise in themselves this creativity and presence.
Tourist Office Val Gardena
T +39 0471 777777
Far away from the cultural centres of the city, a summer festival in the mountains: in this way valgardenaMusika concert series presents itself, the centre of cultures, despite the geographical position or just therefore. International and regional cultures meet in the ladin valley. Various music languages will be transmitted, from the baroque to romanticism and contemporary music. Last but not least the festival is completed by many music star guests known in whole Europe.
17.07.2008, 21:00
Ortisei/St. Ulrich, Cultural centre Luis Trenker
Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Massimo Lambertini, director
Dmitri Shostakovich: Sinfonia da camera op.110 a for strings
25.07.2008, 21:00
S. Christina, Iman Center
Via Nova – The Percussion Group
Matthias Schmitt: Ghanaia
Steve Reich: Music for pieces of wood (with instruments made by sculpturers of Val Gardena)
Andy Pape: Cadende
Minoru Miki: Marimba Spiritual
07.08.2008, 21:00
Selva Tennis-Center
Bundesdeutsches Jugendorchester
Jac van Stehen, director
Detlev Glanert: Theatrum Bestiarum
16.08.2008, 21:00
Selva, Cultural centre
I Fiati di Parma
Claudio Paradiso, director
Luciano Berio: Opus Numbe Zoo
05.09.2008, 21:00
Ortisei, Tennis-Center
In collaboration with UNIKA
Orchestra Sonoton Gherdëina
Choirs from Val Gardena
Film music by: John Williams,Howard Shore, Klaus Badelt, John Barry
Filmfestival Brixen ART
c/o Forum Bressanone, via Roma 9a, BRIXEN/BRESSANONE
T +39 0472 275588,
15.10. – 19.10.2008
with Elisabetta Sgarbi, Karl Saurer, Luca Ronchi, Lucilla Salimei, Edo
Bertoglio, Roberto Antonetto, Tina Lepri, Edek Osser, Tulliola Sparagni,
Vincenzo Capalbo, Marilena Bertozzi, Stefano Maria Gallo,
Alex Tosi, Giampaolo Penco et al.
curated by Paolo Spirito
Opening: 15.10.2008 (6 pm)
c/o Neue Rathausgalerie Brixen
The Filmfestival Brixen ART is an event as well as a competition for european documentaris about artists, arts, exhibitions, biographies and monographies. A jury of experts will assign the prizes for best film direction, best film and best screenplay. A parallel event will show films in the three local languages, German, Italian and Ladin about artists of the Region Trentino-Südtirol.
UNIKA – Gruppe
Wing beat over borders
19.07. – 02.11.2008
Installation near the Highway at STERZING/VIPITENO
A collective work of the group UNIKA (58 memebers)
Eine Gemeinschaftsarbeit der Mitglieder der UNIKA – Gruppe
curated by Filip Moroder, Walter Pancheri, Vinzenz Senoner, Peter Demetz, Gerald Moroder, Otto Piazza
Installation of 40 pairs of wings, which are positioned at a height of 4 to 8 metres- all in a row in order to represent the sequence of a wing beat. This piece of work reaches a length of about 250 metres. One single pair of wings has a wingspan of approximately 6 metres.
With the support of Leitner Technologies
City of Brunico
Place between Raiffeisenkasse and Hotel Post at Brunico
Containerproject – grundlos glücklich
05.09. – 05.10.2008
with Gino Alberti, Julia Bornefeld, Christoph Hinterhuber,
Stefan Hitthaler, Irene Hopfgartner, Wil- ma Kammerer, Ralf-Rainer Odenwald, Sylvie
Riant, Walter Spechtenhauser, Andreas Zingerle
Opening: 5 September, 2008 (6 pm)
Art-and cultural creative individuals from Bruneck deal with the issues of social relevance roused by art and structural design. The settings of the performance are containers that will be used as studios, exhibition rooms and areas of reflection. Virtual as well as actual projects suggest the socio-cultural milieu. The containers do not only communicate with the local population but also with visitors from abroad. The containers show the outer and inner skin of creative and spiritual processes. They provide an experimental field acting as sandpit utopia, which allows changes of the reality.
Municipality of Perca – Education Committee
Land-Art Installation ” Gold Target”
by Wolfgang Zingerle
Curated by Dr.Josef Urthaler, Giancarlo Mariani, Sabrina Da Col
from the town centre, direction south, towards the railway line, and from Unterwielenbach, on the cycling trail, direction Bruneck
Opening: 20.07.2008 (16:00-23:00)
Lecture by Pescoller Markus: 20.09.08 (20:00), clubhouse Percha
The artist transforms the old railway bridge pier which was constructed in 1180 during the time of K&K, into a work of art by painting it with a special, glittery, golden colour. The “golden target” which was never stroke refers to the allied bomb attacks in 1944-1945. The culture is the conscience of the civilization. The industrial structure made of blocks of granite acts as the plastification of a chapter in our history and is therefore a “social plastic”.
Gustav Mahler Music Weeks
100 years “Das Lied von der Erde”
12.07. – 08.08.2008
artistic director: Josef Lanz
Gustav Mahler Music Weeks at Toblach since 1981
A little music festival with international ambitions in the heart of the Dolomites, where Gustav Mahler used to spend his summer holidays.
A part of the tradition of Gustav Mahler and his work, a place where Mahler’s music, science, and discography get together.
July 16, 2008, 9 pm
Toblach, Gustav Mahler Saal
Ex Novo Ensemble
Alvise Vidolin, Live Electronics
Conductor: Alberto Caprioli
Contemporary Music/Neue Musik (Concert and conference)
July 18, 2008, 9 pm
Toblach, Gustav Mahler Saal
conTakt – Percussion-Group
July 20, 2008, 9 pm
Innichen, church
Linda Bsiri, voice
Michel Godard, Tuba, serpent
Jarrod Cagwin, Percussion
Michel Godard: Sous les voûtes le Serpent
July 27, 2008, 9.00 pm
Innichen, Stiftskirche
Ensemble Katharsis
Dietrich Oberdoerfer, singer – Markus Burger, piano
Jan von Klewitz, saxophone – Ferruccio Bartoletti, orgue
“Urlicht“ (after Mahler’s 2nd Symphony)
August 2, 2008, 6 pm
Toblach, Gustav Mahler Saal
Youth orchestra of wind instruments
Conductor: Kasper de Roo
August 7, 2008, 5 pm
Toblach, Spiegelsaal
Gaston Fournier-Facio presents the new Mahler biographies
written by Henry-Louis De La Grange and Donald Mitchell
Horizonte Bruneck/Brunico
c/o piazza del Municipio, BRUNECK/BRUNICO
T +39 0471 974614
19.09. – 03.10.2008
with Farida Heuck
Opening: 19.09.2008 (10 am)
The Global Immigration Service gives a view on the changes in the
immigration control and it questions the sorting of migrants in virtue of
economical and demographical-political interests. The sculpture Global Immigration Service is a kind of surveillance station that highlights the global migration management.
Via Peter Paul Rainer 4, INNICHEN/SAN CANDIDO
T +39 0474 913259
Opening hours: mon-sa 7 am – 11 pm
FOTOEXHIBITION – Paul Albert Leitner
ÖSTERREICH „Home is just around the corner“
13.07. – 27.09.2008
curated by Manfred Mitterhofer
Opening: 12.07.08 (7 pm)
Paul Albert Leitner is a detective of the abysses of folklore. Austria appears as a labyrinth of bounded and suppressed aggressions. The Austrian avoids all false optimism, his anthropology is sceptical, even deep black. It seems that his knowledge of mankind derives from introspection without illusion.
Anagama 2008
Experimental ceramics project
July to October 2008
with Alois Steger, Hubert Mair, Paul Feichter, Robert Engl, Sylvie Riant, Thomas Reichegger, Wil-ma Kammerer , and others.
The metamorphosis happening during the firing, from soft clay to hard stone, becomes a process held in time, which has occurred in nature within millions of years, and can still be followed. The Anagama-Brennofen (oven) is the centre point of this project. This oven was built out of stone and clay in 1999 by the members of the Kunstverein “Kunstmyst”.
2 week symposium from 13th July. During the 25th – 30th August the actual work will be put into the oven. The burning of the products will take place in September.